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UNKNOWN is a fangame of the French indie developed RPG "OFF" by Mortis Ghost. UNKNOWN was created by Claude Huggins with the help of TechNijui and Seridan .

Several other games were included, made by Huggins, all of which are connected to each other in some way.

These include:




Latest activityEdit

Why is there nothing here?

Well this game inst that popular anyway...

...Im sure someone will fill in.

And apparently i can never find a single download for this game!

How lovely!

Anyways basicly this game is where you, the puppeteer, practicly help out zacharie in saving the place. Even fight the ghost of batter. Well thats at least from what i've remembered. So please, if you find a way to download this game.

Just put it here.

I kinda really want to play it.

- the one and many, person.



hello friend!

i've found the newest download link. i'll link to the creator's tumblr so you can be assured it's legit.


- someone over the internet



Title screen for UNKNOWN

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